Phantasee Lenses

Phantasee Lenses is a specific range, which stands as the outcome of the extensive research that can modify the color of your eyes by bestowing them with an extremely attractive look. Not just a plain cosmetic change, these lenses are delivered with a message and personality of great leadership. If you’re in a beatific mood and want to express your love, these lenses can proffer a perfect message. Capable to bring the compassion as well as vibrancy, these are specifically made to enhance you look. Giving your eyes a bigger and fresh look, the Phantasee Lenses come with a great water content and are completely safe for the eyes.

Key Points :
  • Accessible with a blend of pleasant & bright color tones.
  • Proffer a vivacious color effect with ultra convenience.
  • Easy to use with simple care and maintenance.
  • Provide a natural and realistic effect, made with soft materials, goof for the eye-health.
Product Image (VL-25)

Vivid Lenses

Price: 1.50 - 10.00 USD ($)

Key Features:

  • Power: Plano (0.00), -0.50 to -8.00
  • B.C: 8.6mm
  • DIA: 14.0mm
  • Impact resistant

Product Image (UC-24)

UV Contact Lenses

Price: 1.50 - 10.00 USD ($)

Key Features:

  • High water Content & Oxygen Permeability for full day comfort
  • 14.5mm Extra enlarging effect
  • European CE, ISO9001 and GMP approvals
  • Attractively priced monthly disposable

Product Image (NC-23)

Natural Contact Lenses

Price: 1.50 - 5.00 USD ($)

Key Features:

  • Power: Plano (0.00)
  • Replacement: 3 months
  • Enhanced beauty
  • Fitting: B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.0mm

Product Image (Big Eye-20)

Phantasee Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens

Price: 1.90 INR

Key Features:

  • Exceptional vision at all distances
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable and skin-friendliness
  • Easy to place and remove


Product Image (FC-22)

Fancy Contact Lenses

Price: 1.50 - 9.00 USD ($)

Key Features:

  • Powers: Plano (0,00)
  • Outstanding finishing
  • Trendy and quality proven
  • Light in weight



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